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A great product won't just speed up your metabolic rate, it will give you the energy to find the drive and motivation for the hunt. SHED is that product plus more. It will give you a massive mood boost, suppress your appetite, and in short, can help make losing weight easy. Look no further, you've found the right one, SHED. 

SHED is a thermogenic fat burner that provides you with a massive mood boost, suppresses your appetite, and in short, can help make losing weight easy.

We disclose each and every ingredient so you don't have to second guess what's in your fat-burner! 

Each ingredient plays an essential role.

✔️ Acetyl L-Carnitine aids in energy production by transporting fatty acids into your cells. This form of L-Carnitine additionally acts as a mood and brain booster.

✔️ Garcinia Cambogia Extract helps to prevent your body's ability to make fat and curbs your appetite.

✔️ Caffeine Anhydrous raises cell activity, boosts energy levels, and aids in fat loss.

✔️ Cayenne Pepper Powder boosts your metabolism while reducing hunger.

✔️ Theobromine is a diuretic and muscle relaxant.

✔️ Synephrine HCl is a metabolism booster that stimulates the process of thermogenesis.

✔️ Capsimax is a concentrated natural capsicum extract with the power of hot peppers without the burn.

✔️ Paradoxine is an extract of grains of paradise seed designed to promote weight loss, increase energy levels.

✔️ Lean GBB, Gamma Butyrobetaine, provides an increase in energy and boosts fat loss.

✔️ Yohimbine HCl affects the sympathetic nervous systems to improve blood flow and circulation.


Timing your dose is the most important aspect of SHED because it gives you energy and helps to suppress your appetite. We suggest taking it during the time of day that you feel you need the kickstart most. For some, this is the first thing in the morning and for others, it could be for your mid-afternoon slump, or maybe even 30-minutes before a workout to help you power through, as an alternative to UNBOWED PRE, as 2 capsules of SHED contain 200mg of Caffeine and our PRE contains 250mg.

We suggest starting with one pill at first to assess your tolerance. 

SHED is designed to make you sweat. Be sure to drink at least 3-4 quarts of cold water per day to keep you hydrated. 

Cycle SHED. If after taking SHED for several weeks you find you no longer feel the effects you did when starting, or you're noticing any side effects, then it's time to take a break—not more product. Take it for 2-4 weeks and then take two weeks off before starting again. Your body will reset and be more sensitive, so you'll get better results when you resume taking it.

SHED is a supplement that was designed to help assist you in reaching your weight-loss goal, it is not intended to be a regular part of your diet. It is a great supplement if you are needing help to reach your goal, prep for a fitness competition, jump start your weight-loss journey, or break a plateau.