UNBOWED is a national movement that asks its pack...what if we dare to overcome our own insecurities? What if we instead chose to FUCK our fears in order to conquer them?

Traditional attitudes in the fitness industry have been known to promote toxic conventions of masculinity, bullying, and exclusivity—at its worst ignoring the individual altogether and at its best, challenging them to adhere to the status quo versus celebrating their unique journey toward cultivating a healthy lifestyle.

UNBOWED aims to change this by helping their pack rediscover and awaken the wolf within. We do this by promoting the unique power of each individual, universal body positivity, and inclusivity through cultivating a community (a pack), a public declaration of acceptance, and with world-class fitness products that help you love the hunt.

With a mission towards cultivating an inclusive pack and a body-positive suite of world-class apparel and fitness supplements for ‘lovers of the hunt,’ UNBOWED launched in the summer of 2019 as a one-stop- shop brand concept to align health, fitness, nutrition, personal development, and community empowerment to awaken the wolf within.

From your first order to your hundredth order, we want you to know how grateful we are for your support and to say thank you for joining the national movement of what it means to be UNBOWED.

The UNBOWED symbol represents that you are fearless.

You walk with the pack to overcome your insecurities by looking fear straight in the eye and saying "F*CK YOU" in order to conquer them.

Thank you for the love & support.

We are one NATION. We are UNITED. We are UNBOWED.

Christian & Janine

Founder & Co-Founder UNBOWED

 “Sometimes being UNBOWED means standing up to the status quo, and sometimes it means standing up to yourself—turning your inner voice into a howl, and awakening the wolf within.”

Christian Craig, Founder & CEO, UNBOWED

JOIN THE PACK and awaken the wolf within. 


Social media—Instagram in particular—and other digital marketing efforts have created an almost cult-like standard for what it means to be fit.

Unrealistic body images litter audience’s feeds and there seems to be an ever-growing toxicity lurking beneath the furry of positive affirmations. We’ve seen this in the advertising industry for decades, and we’re seeing it now on social media.

We’re here to constantly remind our pack that they’re strong enough, powerful enough, and good enough to reach their goals without the insecurity that bubbles to the surface every time they walk into a gym or scroll through their Instagram feed.

Our bodies were made to move, we were made to set goals and surpass them, we were made to love the hunt and enjoy the journey, not to freeze in fear or bow down to our self-doubt.

Sometimes being UNBOWED means standing up to the status quo, and sometimes it means standing up to yourself—turning your inner voice into a howl, and awakening the wolf within.


Christian Craig is on a mission to awaken the wolf within.

Inspired by the fearless confidence of the wolf and its pack, his latest Arizona-based company UNBOWED is poised to become the next major industry disruptor (alpha) across the U.S. health and fitness market.

Having spent the majority of his youth overweight, depressed, and the subject of high school bullying, Christian’s journey toward physical and mental transformation began during his freshman year when he was first confronted with the prospect of being diagnosed as pre-diabetic.

He quickly locked into what he terms “The Hunt” - a daily fitness and nutrition discipline that would accelerate his personal and professional development. Spanning the next fifteen years, Christian became a personal trainer, graduated from Coaches Training Institute (CTI) in Los Angeles, and rose to lead trainer and head fitness coach and consultant to some of the industry’s top athletes, models, and body-builders across the nation.

Experiencing first-hand the limitations of traditional attitudes in the fitness industry, well-known to promote toxic conventions of masculinity, bullying, and exclusivity, Christian and his mom, Janine, teamed up knowing they and their growing network of top athletes and trainers –The Pack- could ‘flip the script’ in the fast-moving, $30 billion health and fitness industry in the U.S.


Janine Rotter is committed – – to enhancing your health, your well-being, and your journey as part of the UNBOWED pack. 

Janine Rotter, UNBOWED Co-Founder, and Director of Fitness Nutrition is also the mother to UNBOWED’s founder, Christian.

Undergoing her own emotional and physical transformation, Janine knows better than anyone that it always comes back to YOU in the end. That your life and emotions hold the key to your success and you must be able to release the fear that holds you back from being who you were born to be.

Prior to the establishment of UNBOWED, Janine had over fifteen years in the fitness industry, she graduated from Coaches Training Institute (CTI) in Los Angeles (she and Christian underwent this intensive training together), with her certification as a Specialist in Fitness Nutrition, her journey led her to become a practitioner that specialized in food sensitivities with Cell Science Systems.

Janine has educated hundreds through her online nutrition courses on elimination diets, reset cleanses, overcoming emotional eating, and so much more! 

Janine’s work has been published in health and fitness articles, and has been featured in Oxygen Magazine, and many Arizona-based media outlets.