No animal has been as misunderstood as the wolf. Cast as a bloodthirsty villain in folklore and children’s stories, wolves have enjoyed a special mystique that has engendered fear and respect throughout their range. 

A wolf’s real personality is often hidden under the character of his or her social position. Intelligent, non-aggressive, and friendly with the ability to make strong emotional attachments are among those traits we can generalize about the magnificent wolf. 
With an innate understanding of the value of teamwork, the wolf is always ready to take its place in the chain of command either as a leader or as simply a member of the pack. When a wolf decides to innovate, it makes sure that it has the backing of a capable team (that’s where we come in). The wolf is clear-headed and strong-minded, but always willing to adapt in the interests of getting a job done — in our case, the hunt. 
Wolves are expressive and readily communicate their emotional states with body language — movement and activity. They work hard at developing their social relationships and thrive under pressure. We are stronger together, and the stronger the wolf is, the stronger we’ll all be.
UNBOWED — The name behind the brand. A meaning that reflects who we are. A definition that is unique to our pack. 

But what does it mean?
How do you pronounce it?
Why is UNBOWED written in all caps, at all times?

These are the most frequent questions we get about the meaning of this 14th-century word that we are so passionate about. A powerful name that not only represents but identifies who we are as a brand.

What does it mean? Merriam-Webster defines unbowed as not having submitted to pressure or demands. Not bowed down. Not subdued. We define it as being UNBOWED and standing up to the status quo, standing up to yourself—to not freeze in fear or bow down to societal pressures, or worse our own self-doubt.

How do you pronounce UNBOWED?

This is a question we get all the time! It is pronounced un·bowed. As if you're saying UN and BOWED together. Bowed, as to take a bow after a play, not as in bow and arrow. ənˈboud. Listen to the pronunciation here —>

Why is UNBOWED written in all caps, at all times?

Our brand is bold, our brand is confident, and our brand was created to become a loud major industry disruptor (alpha) across the U.S. health and fitness market, proving that we are all strong enough, powerful enough, and good enough to reach our goals without insecurities that bubble to the surface every time we walk into a gym or scroll through our social media feed.

 We are stronger together, and the stronger the wolf is, the stronger we’ll all be.

We were made to hunt our goals and dreams and success is only real when it is shared.